Fees & Refund Policy

You acknowledge and agree that the Company is a private company and that any fee you pay is in return for the handling and submitting of your application. The DOS does not have a fee for entering the Diversity Visa Lottery Program. However, if DOS does decide in the future to impose any new registration fee, this payment will be your responsibility. Please note, if applicable, these additional fees are not included in the Website’s price, and must be paid separately by you.

Payments paid to the Company represent the handling and submitting of your application and is designed to cover Company’s costs and time. Payment of all fees and charges to Company, if applicable, must be made by a valid credit or charge card and/or other forms of accepted payment as designated on the Website.

Failure to pay the fee before the submission period will result in your application not submitted to the Diversity Visa Lottery Program by the Company.

Fees paid to Company are, in any event (including the event a client has decided not pay a Governmental registration fee (if imposed), non-refundable. Furthermore, fees paid are not recoverable and the Company shall not be held responsible in case the DOS changes instructions such as eligibility, required details or other changes, cancels, suspends, prohibits, or otherwise prevents (the “Prevention Announcement”) the Diversity Visa Lottery Program, for reasons beyond Company’s control. Neither will payments be recoverable if filing for the Diversity Visa Lottery application is made impossible by any events beyond the control of Company (for example, including but not limited to, act of war, acts of nature, technological limitations, economical resources, legislative or procedural change and/or State Action). By submitting your application and payment to Company you understand and agree to the refund policy specified herein.